In addition to beginner camps for youngsters Victory Sessions is doing three Surf/Campouts for intermediate to advanced surfers who love adventure, fire times, epic waves, incredible camp food, and memorable experiences all with fellow peers and incredible leaders. The general day of a VS Surf Campout comprises of Surfing, Eating, Surfing, Resting, Surfing, Eating, Resting, Surfing And then having a fire time in the evening going over the highs of the day and talking about God and the most importing things in life. Usually kids are so exhausted they are fast asleep not soon after the sun sets only to wake up and do the same thing the next day.


SAN CLEMENTE CAMP OUT // JUNE 12-15 (High Schoolers only) $250

JALAMA #1 CAMP OUT // JULY 17-20 // $230

JALAMA #2 CAMP OUT // AUGUST 13-16 //$230