Mission Statement

The mission of Victory Sessions is to lead youth into a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ, through community outreach, discipleship and fellowship in the surfing community in Santa Barbara, California. 


Victory Sessions seeks to integrate Christian truths and principles into the daily lives of young people to help them realize the Victory that is in Christ. Our outreach programs provide an environment in which the teachings of Jesus Christ are presented in a way junior high and high school aged kids can understand in a community of people they can relate to and an environment that boasts Gods creative passion.


  • To spread the amazing message of Jesus Christ
  • Provide surfing instruction and supervision in a wholesome, fun environment through after-school, weekend, and summer outreach programs
  • Present relevant biblical teachings to help guide youth to make positive decisions in their everyday life
  • Connect youth with other Christian groups and organizations, such as local churches, youth groups, and bible study groups
  • Support discipleship growth for program participants into the future to do Christian ministry

Our Core Values

Recreational Outreach: We believe recreational activities are a powerful way to connect and bring people together. Through surfing-based outreach programs, Victory Sessions creates greatly needed opportunities for evangelism in the surfing community.

Relationship: We strive to nurture lasting relationships with served youth, local churches, supporters, volunteers, committee members, and other Christian youth organizations.

Evangelism: We embrace the mission Jesus Christ gave us when he asked us to go and make disciples of all nations. We exist to know God and make Him known by studying the Bible, which is the written and inspired word of God, and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.