Bailey Platt - Director


Bailey was born in Aspen, Colorado and migrated to Santa Barbara with his mom and brother when he was four. He was introduced to surfing by his older brother at the age of twelve. At the age of fifteen, Bailey had heard the Gospel through his involvement with the Christian Surfers Association. Bailey had a powerful salvation experience immediately upon surrendering his life to God. The weight of sin, shame and bitterness that weighed so heavy upon him was replaced with a love, hope and clarity of mind that has kept him on the right track ever since. Bailey believes that if that local ministry of CSA was not associated somehow with surfing, he may not have been able to hear the Gospel and receive Jesus . Baileys salvation experience has deeply influenced his belief in the need for recreational based ministry. 

Bailey went to Westmont College where he graduated with a BA in Religious Studies. His first introduction to ministry was during a college internship at a Christian recreation center in the inner city of San Francisco. After graduation he continued in the ministry by joining the pastoral staff at Calvary Chapel Santa Barbara as PIT which stands for Pastor In Training. After several years of work and training with Calvary Chapel, Bailey was led to start Victory Sessions. This ministry was inspired by CSA and the Victory he initially experienced when he was first introduced to Christ as a young surfer from a  secular upbringing. The delivering of the Good News of Jesus to a young generation continues to be Bailey's passion and goal.


Jon, a Santa Barbara resident for over 20 years, is a graduate of UCSB and a former CPA. He currently works as the Controller and in the Children's Ministry at Calvary Chapel Santa Barbara. He is happily married with four kids, all of who serve with him in the Children's Ministry.